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Pediatricians or children doctor are very flexible medical specialists. Generally they focus on children’s emotional, physical and social health up to their majority age. Their main tasks are both to prevent various health problems and provide medical care for those children which are chronically or acutely ill. Pediatricians (children doctor) diagnose and treat the majority of infections, minor injuries, colds, development and functional problems, stresses and other kinds of physical and emotional issues with children.

In most cases children doctor and parents have good relations. However, sometimes issues can come up, either with an office staff, a specialist, or with a family itself. Some general advices will help your visit to a pediatrician to go smooth.

First, don’t wait till the last minute contact your children doctor. If you need to fill a new medication or to have your child school or camp form filled out it’s always better to ask for an appointment in advance. However, it’s only valid for non-urgent issues.

Second, you should show up at your appointment on time. If it’s your first visit it might be even better to come at least 15 minutes earlier as you will be asked to fill in the forms with your contact information. Remember that patients who are late for the visits are the main reason for the delays and long queues at the doctor’s office. If you cannot be on time you should at least call ahead to the clinic and inform them. Not coming to a scheduled appointment is also not a good choice. Make an appointment during the time you are sure to come. Otherwise the family that really needs it will have to wait for the next gap in the doctor’s schedule.

If your child is feeling under the weather and you need an urgent appointment it’s better to contact the doctor’s office early in the morning. In most offices the first calls are likely to be seen in the morning or in the afternoon. If you give a call in the evening most probably you won’t be seen till the end of the day.

Before going to the pediatrician make a list of all questions and issues you would like to consider with him or her. It will save your time and you won’t have to schedule one more appointment or call back to the doctor just because you forgot to ask something important.

If you do not understand your doctor or disagree with him or her you should feel free to ask questions. You can have a discussion with your doctor to be sure that you understand what’s going on.

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