Family Practitioner consultation on iHealtho

Family Practitioner consultation on iHealtho

What is a Family Practitioner?

Have you ever dreamed of having just one person you could approach to with the whole list of all your health conditions? Family practitioner could be a way out.

Family practitioner are also known as general practitioners and may see the patients with practically every issue. Unlike other doctors who are keen on treating one particular organ or illness, a family practitioner is educated to deal with your whole body and any issue connected with your health condition. And, if your health state would require a treatment from some other particular specialists your family doctor will govern you and organize the work of all the doctors which are in charge of your issue.

Family practitioner as a rule focus on preventing the majority of the diseases along with treating them if they come out. Working cooperatively with your care provider you have an opportunity to develop your individual health care plan. The doctor will collect the data about you and the members of your family from the cradle to the grave.

Various researches show that people who can boast of good relations with their family practitioner have better overall condition and lower death percentage.

Family practitioner can care for their patients in different places, including home or medical hospital. Some of the practitioners often combine their family medical practice with work at the universities and voluntary organizations. In rural areas, family doctors usually set up their own medical cabinets or offices to care for the people in their towns.

Often the working day of practitioners in urban areas is usually busier. They have to deal with various issues and have less time to dedicate to one particular case.

Nowadays the significance of family care is greater than ever. Thought, it’s a bit different than it was before. Several decades ago a family doctor was aimed at treating everything by his own, though it was not in his competence sometimes. Today a doctor should create a team that will help the patient and coordinate its work.

It does not mean that the work of a family doctor has become easier. Many people cannot have access to family care because the care providers are overloaded.  The statistics show that practically 20% of citizens nowadays don’t have a possibility to address a primary care provider. Unfortunately this fact is especially truthful for rural areas.

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