Female doctors

According to the research by scientists from the University of Montreal, the quality of care provided by female doctors, higher than that of their male counterparts. At the same time, productivity is more with men. The research team came to this conclusion after studying the information on the work of more than 870 practitioners of middle-aged Canadian province of Quebec. Studied the procedures associated with the treatment of older people with diabetes, and half of doctors were women.

As it turned out, women are much better comply with the recommendations, in particular they use the most recommended methods of treatment, prescribed medication and appropriate diagnostic procedures. However, in terms of quantity men win: per year they perform nearly 1,000 procedures more than women.

Simply put, female doctors spend with their patients more time, and the men doctors are more profitable for hospitals, as during the year serve more patients.

However, patients can return to the male doctors because of not quite diligent implementation of all the rules of treatment, so that the quantity benefits may not be so obvious.

The study does not mean that female┬ádoctors clearly better than men. Moreover, even though it’s still freaky for most of women to go to the male gynecologist, men seem to be more appropriate in this sphere.

We were brought up knowing that access to certain parts of the female body can have only one representative of the stronger sex (well, more than one, but, in any case, not at all a stranger). In order to overcome the shyness women need to learn to ignore, to look at the doctor only as the one who will help to deal with the problem. No one will learn several years to obtain a very dubious pleasure. In fact, if men select gynecology, then in most cases, it is a more conscious step than for women.

The male doctor more sympathetic to a female patient. He doesn’t think like: “I gave birth to two children and I’m still alive. So stop yelling!” Although they do not express their sympathy for the other. The male doctor likely will prescribe you an extra dose of pain medication than would listen to endless complaints. But in the emergency he will operate more efficiently.

In general, comparing female doctors and male doctors is impossible. And for sure I’m not trying to insist that men are better. It is very important what for you go to the doctor, your problem, the nature of your previous experience, your preferences. Whether you like to be controlled, or to be driven by advices. It’s up to you to decide.

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