fertility doctor

fertility doctor

Fertility doctor

Fertility doctors are urologists or gynecologists, that underwent specific practice to work in the sphere of the reproductive organs. There is a wide range of causes for your physician to readress you to a fertility doctor. One of such “why?” is the difficulty with getting pregnant continuing half a year if your age is over 35 or longer than a year, if you’re younger. Others “why” are: over two miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis at one of the partners to combine fertility with treatments. Neither physician, nor gynecologist are enough to estimate your problem correctly and provide you with necessary medication.

There are different specialists who deal with fertility. Reproductive endocrinologists, who perform various tests to diagnose the problem and find its solution. They are the first one to consult. They support to control pregnancy those who have cancer, too.

There also andrologists, that have finished specific practice in male prolificacy, to estimate and cure male fertility on their own or together with a reproductive endocrinologist. They are able to help, so that next time couple could manage without special help, and as well carry out testicular biopsy and cure reproductive infections, erectile dysfunction, testicular torsion, and undescended testes.

You may as well come across reproductive surgeon, reproductive immunologist and so on.

Before deciding on a clinic, one should see the personnel and talk to them and talk to one’s future doctor. Just to have no doubt, that those nurses and doctors are well-trained and experienced enough to deal with his or her problems namely. In fact, it’s your right to have a total approach to all the tests and plans on your treatment, so you can control all the procedures and the process on the whole.

So, when do you need this doctor? While you are endeavoring to conceive, you should be having unprotected sex that is well timed to ovulation. And if miracle doesn’t happen after six months of trying (after you’re over 35) or after a year (if you’re less than 35). Of course, one can see the fertility doctor sooner or later, for example certain chronic conditions may require additional assistance in conceiving.

Actually, you may consult fertility doctor any time you feel uncertain and need approval of your actions or a piece of advice. Probably, one just starts thinking about having a child, so you can get a few hints at the doctor’s.

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