Finding a good doctor

Finding a good doctor is a real problem. Long time ago finding a good doctor, just somebody who says that he is a doctor was a miracle, so for sure the doctor was a good doctor. The best doctor, I dare say!
And what do we have now? Probably it’s all about the education system which used to be better, but now a person can’t trust the first doctor on one’s way. Especially a problem of professionals is severe in small towns and villages.
Usually we get a referral from a therapist or we can get a piece of advice about the choice of doctor at the consultation center. But how do you know that the expert is right for you? That he or she has not only necessary qualifications and experience, but also knows the modern approaches to the treatment of diseases and has the experience of their application.
The doctor may have all the necessary documents and work experience, be a good cozy person but do nothing for the professional growth. He was perfectly taught at college or university, he or she has written diploma on a complicated necessary topic and passed the exam successfully. And that’s it. And through long year after, he touched no book, he read no article in the magazine or in the Internet.
So we should first contact a doctor who thinks most widely. Such a doctor will never know the subtleties of all diseases of the area, but he will understand the problem as a whole, to exclude (or, alas, confirm) the profile of the disease, which is well-versed. And find out what doctor should be consulted next. That’s the principle of work of a family doctor. But not all of us have one.
If you did not find the desired doctor, “study” other known professionals and patients. You should try to find a doctor, whose educational level will help me to solve the problem, even if it’s not his profiles.
It is also important for the doctor to have a diverse medical past. For example, the first five to ten years he or she has been a general surgeon, and later became an oncologist. Or one has been a working therapist, and then started to specialize in cardiology. This doctor knows well both general questions of the diseases and partial problems.
You must look for a doctor with extensive experience in the treatment of diseases it is necessary to you profile. If outpatient treatment is supposed, that the doctor should be a specialist in the use of outpatient treatments. And if some health problems require inpatient care, it should be proficient in the methods that are used permanently. Remember: rare specialists are universal.

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