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Helping people feeling better, and measurably prolong the life expectancy of humankind by providing immediate access to top medical experts and their trusted health advice, anytime anywhere

The benefits of joining ihealtho

Enjoy higher income and enhance your lifestyle

Enjoy more flexible hours, lose the stress of your commute, the expense of office overhead, and the hassle of insurance. By becoming a IHealtho doctor, you practice medicine on your own terms—from anywhere at anytime. All you need is a PC or mobile device and an internet connection. And you’ll be well compensated for doing what you love without being entangled in insurance company reimbursement procedures!


Delight in saving lives and helping millions of people smile and feeling good!

Make a real difference in the health of individuals around the world, and help millions of people feel good by educating them and getting them to take action. Empower people with checklists and tips so they can proactively seize control of their health. And smile as you reconnect with your original excitement for practicing medicine.


Get a free Mobile Practice that complements your existing practice!

Having broad online visibility and easily interacting with patients via digital means are critical to creating a modern thriving practice, but it can be costly and confusing to set up and manage. With iHealtho, you get a fully equipped Mobile Practice that gives you easy access to millions of patients worldwide. You’ll get recognized for your previous accomplishments, your published knowledge, as well as the answers, tips, and checklists you will share. IHealtho instantly promotes these to a global audience, and connects you to people and peers looking for doctors with your expertise.

And because our apps run on any mobile device or computer (tablets, phones, PCs) you can run your Mobile Practice from anywhere at any time at no cost. Imagine sitting on the beach while on vacation, and still managing to save lives. IHealtho makes this possible!


It’s absolutely free and takes less than a minute!



Get more patients and visits

A fully customizable profile page alongside an interactive Mobile Practice can replace your existing website or blog as a way to promote your practice and interact with your patients 24/7. You can get more patients allowing them to book the appointment online and also offline for your practice. In such way you can manage your time even better.


Get your own free personalized profile page

A fully customizable profile page alongside an interactive Mobile Practice can replace your existing website or blog as a way to promote your practice and interact with your patients 24/7.


Grow your own practice

You’ll get more patients to your real-world practice, your institution, or your Mobile Practice while serving existing patients better.



Collect your professional qualifications, accolades, posts, and publications all in one place

With a fully customizable, free personal profile page you have one place where everyone in the world can go to learn about you and follow you!

Be part of the next big thing in health

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing technology to innovate, save lives, and help millions feel good! Influence what health news people read and what apps they choose by sharing your opinions and views.


Make patient visits more efficient

Patients can send you documents, photos, lab results, electronic health records, and profiles in advance of an office visit. You can view all the documentation on the same screen, making your time with them much more efficient and effective!

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It’s absolutely free and takes less than a minute!


Connect, reconnect, learn, and have fun!

You’ll enjoy a high-energy, collaborative environment with colleagues and people who are as passionate about promoting health and well-being as you are! Catch up with your medical school classmates and with colleagues from residencies, fellowships, and practices. Introduce yourself to all the distinguished colleagues who are waiting to connect with you on iHealtho!


Enhance your workflow and lifestyle with smart apps and devices!

We and our developers provide to you and your patients smart apps and devices, which you and your patient will enjoy. It gather medical results and save it to the patients profile, making their and your life easier. You can check it continually and provide the best medical help. For your and your patients satisfaction and confidence.



Discover what other doctors and people are buzzing about

By networking with your colleagues, with influencers, and with members, you’ll find out what’s top of mind in the health world.


Learn from other top doctors

You can ask other doctors direct questions via IHealtho. Or you can read how some of the most reputable doctors in the world answer health questions. Either way, you can increase your knowledge…


iHealtho's Medical Expert Network

Join the network of top doctors who answer questions, create inspiring health tips, and build helpful checklists that help people take action on their health. Members of iHealtho’s Medical Expert Network also review the latest health apps and post news that they believe will interest iHealtho members.

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Get a free Mobile Practice and achieve a larger practice!

A modern medical practice needs an online presence to thrive. With iHealtho, you get a free Mobile Practice that makes you accessible to millions of patients worldwide. And IHealtho promotes your expertise and accomplishments and connects you with people looking for doctors with your experience.

Because our apps run on any mobile device or desktop, you can run your MobilePractice from anywhere at any time at no cost.

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Increase your income with Virtual Consults!

The doctors in the Medical Expert Network performs Virtual Consults via chat, audio or video conferences and gets well compensated for their expert, compassionate, and empathic care of Ihealtho members.

IHealtho provides for doctors in all specialities a private paid video or text connection between you and your patients from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

Claim your Mobile Practice page today and establish your paid virtual office hours in minutes.

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No overcrowded waiting rooms, no excessive staff costs, no stress.

Only efficiency and satisfaction






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Show your care

Provide your patients with our smart apps and devices. And give them personalized, detailed answers, explanations and expert opinions from you as expert.

Common reasons behind consultations are to understand medical condition, diagnosis, treatment options or alternatives and recommendations for future therapeutic considerations.

Just by using free blood pressure monitor app!

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Just feeling better








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Doctors, become a member of our Medical Expert Network

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Doctors, become a member of our Medical Expert Network

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