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Fertility doctor

Fertility doctor Fertility doctors are urologists or gynecologists, that underwent specific practice to work in the sphere of the reproductive organs. There is a wide range of causes for your physician to readress you to a fertility doctor. One of such “why?” is the... read more


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Clinics and Medical Centers

Grow your own clinic helping people feeling better Join now for free  Key to success Save costs and make your clinic more efficient. Improve the quality of care for your patients between visits. Give your doctors a better experience with less hassle. Make them... read more

Feeling Better

3 easy steps to feeling better Join now for free  Learn more    Get help   R Take action   Stay healthy and feeling better with immediate unlimited access to the best health information and top doctors worldwide   ... read more

For Doctors

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Weight Loss Doctor

Ask Your Weight Loss Doctor To reach and maintain a healthy weight is important not only for our self-esteem but for the overall health as well. A proper weight and good health will make you look fresh and beautiful. Moreover it can control or prevent many illnesses... read more

Sports Medicine Doctor

Should I Visit a Sports Medicine Doctor? If you are keen on sports, you are likely to get some fractures and injuries. These issues should be immediately checked by a sports medicine doctor for an immediate examination and acute treatment. Making the right choice... read more

Primary Care Doctor

How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor? A primary care physician, or PCP, is your major health provider or specialist. This doctor is handling practically the whole series of your health problems. Some years ago, these doctors were called family ones or general... read more

Naturopathic Physician

Who is a Naturopathic Physician? Naturopathic doctor (ND) links the awareness of nature laws with the actual knowledge about current state of medical science. Naturopathy focuses its attention on primary health care (PHC) and prevention of diseases as well as... read more

Family Practitioner

What is a Family Practitioner? Have you ever dreamed of having just one person you could approach to with the whole list of all your health conditions? Family practitioner could be a way out. Family practitioner are also known as general practitioners and may see the... read more

Family Medical Clinic

Family medical clinic Family medical clinic is a comprehensive primary care institution. In such kinds of institutions the entire family can get the highest quality care and individual approach to each family member. Such places are as a rule well-equipped and... read more

Doctors Diet Program

Doctors Diet Program Thousands of people nowadays are obsessed with the idea of weight loss. And the reason does not always can be found on the pages of fashion magazines. Many people want to reach their ideal weight to combat diseases connected with the state of... read more

Children doctor

At Children Doctor Office Pediatricians or children doctor are very flexible medical specialists. Generally they focus on children’s emotional, physical and social health up to their majority age. Their main tasks are both to prevent various health problems and... read more

Physician patient relationship

Physician patient relationship One can not realize it but among different relations we have during our lives, the physician patient relationship is of the most important ones. Finding out about some disease or simply the process of diagnosis and treatment itself can... read more

Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient Records If you put your health record on some electronic device, where they are kept with easy access, can be upgraded and altered, your information gets a special name EPRs (Electronic Patient Records) or EHRs (Electronic Health Records). Moving... read more

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring Distant or remote patient monitoring is a method that is revolutionizing medicine, not only in the field of care for people with chronic diseases, but also in the treatment of mental and behavioral problems. The method of remote monitoring is... read more

Patient medical history form

 Patient medical history form Each person who was born in some health care establishment from the first days of life has records of his or her medical history. They go together with records on mother’s health. The quantity of patient medical history form is... read more