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Homeopathic Doctors

Homeopathic doctors Homeopathy has emerged as an alternative form of medicine in the 18th century in Germany. It uses only natural medicines for treatment. The remedies consist of healing substances of vegetable and animal origin. Along with this, the homeopathic... read more

Online doctor prescription

Online doctor prescription It’s really hard to believe in magic of online doctor prescription. And moreover many people are skeptical about online help. Though, there’s nothing supernatural. And in many cases such help can be the only possible and... read more

Finding a good doctor

Finding a good doctor Finding a good doctor is a real problem. Long time ago finding a good doctor, just somebody who says that he is a doctor was a miracle, so for sure the doctor was a good doctor. The best doctor, I dare say! And what do we have now? Probably... read more

Female doctors

Female doctors According to the research by scientists from the University of Montreal, the quality of care provided by female doctors, higher than that of their male counterparts. At the same time, productivity is more with men. The research team came to this... read more

Arthritis doctor

Arthritis doctor   Many people with the problems of the joints are wondering, “What doctor treats arthritis?” The answer is quite simple ñ when any abnormal symptoms appear a person should turn to the general practitioner, which can expose the primary... read more

Pain doctor

Pain Doctor How do you think why do we go to the doctors? Several percent of people visit doctors regularly either because they scared of being ill or because they already are. Some of us need to prove annual examination for school/uni/job or some other reasons. But... read more

Live chat with a doctor on iHealtho

Live chat with a doctor on iHealtho Even if you prefer to be treated by alternative medicine or by folk remedies, doctors can’t be replaced and at least must be consulted. Today in the rush non-stop world it’s really hard to find time to go to the... read more

Medical consultation

Medical consultation According to a medical dictionary, medical consultation is a procedure whereby, on request by one physician, another physician reviews a patient’s medical history, examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment. So,... read more

Private Doctor

Private Doctor in our modern life Nowadays more and more people prefer private medical practice instead of a state one. Why do they choose it? Why do they believe it’s better/safer than clinics? The quality of services provided by private clinics are, unfortunately,... read more