Medical consultation

According to a medical dictionary, medical consultation is a procedure whereby, on request by one physician, another physician reviews a patient’s medical history, examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment.

So, usually we go to the doctor’s by several reasons:

a) other doctor said you need additional examination,

b) you need a sick leave,

c) unpleasant symptoms are screaming about the disease.

Though, especially nowadays, one should be really careful with health. You should visit several doctors regularly, even if you are not in pain. What for? Not to be in pain in future!

Therapist (visits: once or twice a year)

What is examined during medical consultation:

  • Blood test – will show the presence of inflammation in the body.
  • Biochemical analysis of blood – by it can be found the first signs of liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer.
  • Urinalysis – made to help in the diagnosis of pyelonephritis, diseases of the bladder, the prostate gland.
  • Electrocardiogram (after 35-40 years old) – will reveal whether you have any heart problems;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs (liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and gall bladder) – will check whether the pathological process is started.
  • Fluorography – reveals the initial form of tuberculosis, inflammatory diseases and cancer of the lungs.
  • Cholesterol levels (after 25 years old) – will show the possible problems with the cardiovascular system, metabolic.

Dentist (visits: once or twice a year)

What to check:

Inspection will help identify caries at an early stage, preventing him grow into a pulp, when a tooth will make itself felt a wild pain. In addition, you may not notice that you are not in the order of the gums and make it to periodontitis.

Ophthalmologist (visits: once in 2 years)

What to check:

Research tells about the state of the vessels, the intraocular pressure will let you know if you have any intracranial pathology.

Immunologist – allergist (visits: once every two years)

What to check:

Allergies can occur unexpectedly at any age, so an allergist should be visited, even though so far no signs of the disease seen.

Endocrinologist (visit: 1 once a year)

What to check:

Even the usual fatigue and constant depression – is often a manifestation of serious disease of the endocrine system.

Don’t worry – be healthy!

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