Physician patient relationship

physician patient relationship

physician patient relationship

One can not realize it but among different relations we have during our lives, the physician patient relationship is of the most important ones. Finding out about some disease or simply the process of diagnosis and treatment itself can be very stressful. Thus the way you communicate with your doctor can either sharpen or lessen the shock, stress and fear. Moreover, your mental condition can affect your physical state, and lead to tragic problems with health.

We may not understand, that a good doctor is not just a combination of knowledge and experience at medicine, but also someone, who realizes that the illness is not only in your body, but in your soul and thoughts as well, and who will treat you all, from all the sides. Therefore, consulting a good doctor will leave a pleasant feeling of satisfaction with the communication, while a bad experience may cause a great damage to your health. There are many reasons for that.

Medicals are not all knowing and all-seeing. Actually, almost everything they may know is what you recount to them about the symptoms and felling. That’s why you shall be careful: if doctor doesn’t listen to you properly, many glue points will be lost.

Neither all-wise, nor are almighty doctors. The treatment can’t be made on you, you have to be an active participant. The doctor isn’t the great power that will fix you up. Never let yourself believe that you’re a flesh to be cured, you aren’t dependent on the doctor, you can save yourself, too. And if just get your arms folded and wait for the miraculous recovery – nothing’s going to happened, because you are doing everything to treat yourself. Doctor and patient are partners.

Talking about stress, I mean a great catastrophe which may happen, if the level of impact in physician patient relationship isn’t under control, because stress means not only your situation perception, but also problems with immune and other systems. It may sound too demanding, but you have to be treated with respect and care, otherwise you’ll get ruined because of the double stress (not only caused by the disease itself, but also because of degoratory attitude of the staff).

You may think, that if you meet an aggressive doctor, you’ll have to change doctor or even clinic. But in fact there are methods to win a man. And to build a affirmative doctor-patient relationship, here I ennumerate the steps to take. Anyway, you’ll feel powerful to rearrange your condition and help yourself to live on.

First of all, in your physician patient relationship remember of talking to your doctor. By the way ‘talking’ doesn’t mean the speech itself. Use the non-confrontational language to let your interlocutor, you experience lack of respect in his/her attitude. And moreover, do not be afraid to talk about your fears and own assumptions. They may be wrong, but if so, the doctor will explain that and calm you down.

One more good idea is to talk to your friends. My friend once met a doctor who was rude to her, not trying to soften his remarks. He felt an absolute power in his arms, while his knowledge was far from what he tried to correspond. And she understood that she has to change the doctor, luckily, I knew the needed professional, and afterwards her treatment was a complete pleasure. So, don’t hesitate and do your research on doctors, it is your health that at stake!

You have to be prepared. For a diagnosis going to see the doctor is necessary and inevitable, but it isn’t, to get a consultation or find answers to some of your questions. There are such Internet sources, which provide you with all needed updated information about medicine and healthcare. Some of the websites are and Due to them you’ll be aware of which symptoms are of greater importance, and moreover, as far as you will know a lot about your condition, you’ll have a conversation on “the same language”. You will be also prepared with what to ask, what things to check. Remember, that it is you, who is responsible for you own health, and make a partnership with your doctor.

If it happened that you can’t change your doctor, and you can’t make him treat you in a more respective way, try to practice stress management. Stress can be overcome by using special techniques, at least it will be lessen, and you will feel more confident and give a breath of relief. By the way, one of the most popular techniques is breathing exercises. If breathing doesn’t bring the needed relaxation, take a friend to the appointment, who will calm you and give you strength, simply being by your side. Explain it, that you need extra pair of ears to remember everything. Try to think optimistically to leave everything destructive behind.

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