Private Doctor in our modern life

Nowadays more and more people prefer private medical practice instead of a state one. Why do they choose it? Why do they believe it’s better/safer than clinics?

The quality of services provided by private clinics are, unfortunately, not always good enough. But state medicine problems are the same. This is because of the fact that there are no certain criteria for assessing the quality of these services, there is no work for a specific result – the patient’s health. So it’s a big plus that patients now are able to choose between public and private doctors.

If you want a doctor in your house, it can be really dangerous. There may be no minimum hygienic conditions, no conditions of sterility, and the conformity of the specialist to the qualification requirements. Plus, you can never guarantee the control of the equipment, medical devices, when used at home.

If a person works on a paid admission constantly as personal physician, pediatrician, he no doubt performs his duties at a high level. Though, today, however, the patient became more demanding – he wants to get a full range of medical services. This approach provides for the creation of private medical clinics.

For sure, entering some private practice you tend to see spotless space, smiles and interest in your problems. There are a lot of diplomas all around. And the equipment seems to be just unpacked. There are no long queues. Good, but let’s look from the other side.

Private diversified clinic needs about a dozen different licenses (or even more): to outpatient and inpatient care, to the pharmacy, to a laboratory, to the work with narcotic substances; and high-tech medical care is another license. It sounds really expensive. Not for everyone, and not especially students or immigrants. Moreover, who can prove all those diplomas to be real?

I believe in state clinics, even there smiles and spotlessness can be found. And there also can be found professionals that care health, not money. You only should peer.

Don’t worry – be healthy!


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