Remote patient monitoring

remote patient monitoring

remote patient monitoring

Distant or remote patient monitoring is a method that is revolutionizing medicine, not only in the field of care for people with chronic diseases, but also in the treatment of mental and behavioral problems.

The method of remote monitoring is used by doctors to help patients and physicians to monitor changes by certain physical metrics such as blood pressure or blood sugar levels. In recent years, psychiatrists also began to believe in using remote monitoring technologies to control the emotional, behavioral, and sometimes physical condition in order to better care for patients. Here are some of the main reasons why such technologies are vital to the health system, especially in terms of mental health. The information is given for the US market, but these problems and opportunities are also valid for other countries, now or in the nearest future.

Problem № 1. Many areas suffer from a shortage of professionals in the mental health field – currently closed only about 51% of the demand for doctors of this specialization.

Solution. Remote monitoring of the health of patients allows doctors to work with a larger number of patients by increasing the served territory.

Problem № 2.  Involvement of the patient into the process of treatment is vital for a successful recovery, however, is the level of the physician-patient interaction using, for example, questionnaires in the framework of cognitive-behavioral therapy, is only 11%.

Solution. Software remote monitoring system increases the level of involvement of up to 90%.

Problem № 3. 17% of patients experience a relapse during the first month after discharge from the hospital, costing the US health care at $ 2.2 billion annually. Moreover, recurrence appears gradually, and can be not noted by physician who sees the patient 2 hours a week, at best.

Solution. Remote patient monitoring allows the doctor to better the health control of his ward, and any critical change any health indicator is quickly noticed and the doctor can immediately respond. This significantly reduces the level of repeated hospitalizations, accordingly, reduces costs, for the clinic and for the patient.

As in all other industries, the establishment of workflows of the production ensures the efficiency of all operations with minimal resources. However, work processes in health care (and not only there) are not perfect and remote patient monitoring system can use this very effectively applied in this niche. The system of remote monitoring is usually easy to implement into existing workflows, just keep giving therapists the needed information about patients.

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